Welcome to RFCS

Quality care that surpasses the expectations of our clients

Reliance Family Care Services, Inc. was founded in October 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the aim of providing quality health care services to our clients. We have received numerous recommendations as a preferred provider in our service area.

Our staff is comprised of talented team members with vast areas and years of experience in the healthcare industry. Our staff work together to provide a level of quality that is unsurpassed.

Our Mission

Is to provide quality care that surpasses the expectations of our clients. Our commitment to employee education and client satisfaction ensures an unsurpassed level of personalized care. We place extreme value in the ethical standards of our profession and the continued growth and development of our staff through commitment to training and mentoring.

Our Vision

Is based on our belief that each person is unique and must be treated with dignity and respect. With our dedicated and passionate team of professionals, Reliance strives to be an influential and forward-thinking home care company. Providing care that yields high quality outcomes, by continuously enhancing the education of our employees is one of our core tenets. Attaining exceptional customer satisfaction by carefully matching caregiver expertise to patient need, all while maintaining a culture of compassion is our end goal.

Licensed & Insured

We are a licensed provider for OLTL, Residential Habilitation and Home & Community Based Services and as such are required to adhere to the Pennsylvania department of Health Regulations.

Background Checks

We conduct extensive background checks on all prospective employees. In order to be employed by Reliance, all nurses, home health aides and personal care aides must present credentials indicating they have passed educational and training programs in their fields and must meet Department of Health and Department of Labor requirements. Most of our employees have years of home care experience.

Why are we the preferred choice?

  • Quality of Care: Each patient is given a personalized care plan
  • Quality of Life: We spend a lot of time in our staff training talking about how we ensure good quality of life for our clients.
  • Safety: We closely monitor the medication administration and living environments of our clients to ensure your loved ones are safe
  • Availability: We are here for you anytime of the day

For more information, call us on +1 (267) 239-5636, or click to fill out the form to send us a message.

We look forward to helping you with your health care needs.